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Survey efforts and limited excavation at the locations of many of West Virginia’s frontier forts provide exciting new information about the pre-Revolutionary War era on the frontier, while recent survey work at Fort Boreman in Wood County resulted in a resource management plan for the site.

At the same time that the previous plan was issued, SHPO staff created a Cemetery Survey Form and began recording and collecting data on cemeteries across West Virginia.

Unfortunately, very little data exists documenting human activity during the Paleo-Indian Period, as an archaeological site dating to this time span has never been excavated by professional archaeologists in West Virginia.

Instead, SHPO records contain information about the locations from which dozens of Paleo-Indian projectile points were collected by archaeology enthusiasts.

When SHPO staff members refer to resources, they mean those sites, buildings, structures, cemeteries, landscapes and objects that serve as a record of past human activities.

Resources become historic when they are determined to be eligible for listing or are formally listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

These include two that are related to the Civil War (Grafton National Cemetery in Taylor County and Confederate Cemetery in Greenbrier County), two prehistoric burial mounds as well as two that are associated with the famous Hatfield-Mc Coy feuds.Cemeteries, although they consist of both above-ground and below-ground features, are categorized as archaeological in nature by SHPO staff.Archaeological Resources As of October 2001, SHPO files contain records for 10,694 prehistoric and historic archaeological sites that have been identified in West Virginia.West Virginia’s archaeological sites represent a wide range of time periods, from the earliest occupation of West Virginia some 13,000 years ago to the more recent historic past.With the exception of the Paleo-Indian Period, excavation data exists from sites dating to every time period represented by West Virginia’s archaeological record.

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