Who is shreya ghoshal dating

She is not a type of those girls who pretend himself different in front of others.

Mahesh Chandra Sharma gave her teaching classes in classical music. Guys are so much desperate to meet him that they regularly search Shreya Ghoshal contact details on the internet. Shreya Ghoshal brother’s name is Soumyadeep Ghoshal, who is 7 years younger than her. Read more about Sa Re Ga MA Pa winner Shreya Ghoshal personal details in the next paragraphs.

Personally I think Shreya Ghoshal is a great singer, she can sing in high, low tune and she can sing any sort of song from "bairi piya" to "chikni chameli" whereas sunidhi chauhan is very good ar singing item song, they're both great singer but i prefer shreya ghoshal over sunidhi Shreya Sharma has: Played Biniya in "The Blue Umbrella" in 2005.

Played Thea Pandol in "Saas Bahu Aur Sensex" in 2008.

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Know more about Shreya Ghoshal wiki and career life in the next paragraphs.

Earlier, there were some gossips about Shreya Ghoshal and Shekhar Ravjiani relationship. Shreya Ghoshal marriage gossips were always in the buzz.

She sung a number of super-hit songs in Bollywood movies. She is also the first choice of Music Directors these days.

She is also known as the queen of Playback Singing. She also won numerous awards for her blockbuster songs.

People also made guesses about the name of Shreya Ghoshal boyfriend. Singer Shreya Ghoshal sung her first song in one of the super-hit and most popular movie Devdas.

She sung a song “Balma”, which was a super-hit song which was pictured on Claudia in Khiladi 786 movie.

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