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Thanks for finally speaking out, Sam, especially about the homophobic and misogynistic statements made by Perez Hilton.We’re glad to hear your side of the story, especially after so much speculation.Of course, I must be masculine and I must be violent.“When the rumours started that I hit her or whatever, I called Lindsay up and I was like, ‘You need to dead this rumour now.’ ”So where did the idea of her being “openly gay” come from?And then, when I met her, she was this sweet, cool little girl. ”He hypothesizes it has to do with the fact she’s just signed a deal with a management company — Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment — as Samantha hopes to “expand her interests and brand, via a new album she’s recording and strategic media appearances.” So basically, good old-fashioned publicity! Likely it had to with her style and the fact that she and Lindsay were clearly an item.

It wasn’t like I was out getting f***ed up every night.”And the interviewer then asks himself what we’re all wondering as well: “Why, after all this time and her previous silence, did Ronson decide to talk to me now about the affair?

The pair were spotted at last month’s Notting Hill Carnival and edgy Sam — who is known for posing topless and features on a You Tube channel about smoking weed — spent the past week in New York as guest of honour at his 42nd birthday celebrations.

A source said: “Sam has been a fresh of breath air for Mark who had been struggling to move on since the breakdown of his marriage.“They spent Notting Hill Carnival all over each other and didn’t seem to care who saw them.

Likely it had to with her style and the fact that she and Lindsay were clearly an item.

She doesn’t speak ill of Lindsay, but does seem to have issues with how she was portrayed in the press when it comes to their relationship (or the aftermath).“The fact that Perez Hilton calls me ‘Saman’ — it’s the most homophobic thing ever,” she spits.

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