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https://t.co/4Djt8D6OEE — Robert Kazinsky (@Robert Kazinsky) June 15, 2018 Sometimes it’s not about the abuser, it’s about the abused telling their story, the important thing isn’t the end result but rather the process.Names were never mentioned because it’s about her and other women who might be in danger. — Robert Kazinsky (@Robert Kazinsky) June 15, 2018 As @hardwick has chosen to deny Chloe’s account, I’ll take the opportunity to say I have seen the proof myself, I have seen the evidence first hand, I’ve seen the people who have come forward to tell @skydart how Chris ordered her blacklisted, there isn’t just one, there are many — Robert Kazinsky (@Robert Kazinsky) June 16, 2018 For years the pain @skydart carried around was overwhelming, and even now @hardwick doesn’t have the decency to offer first an apology to the woman he destroyed intentionally. — Robert Kazinsky (@Robert Kazinsky) June 16, 2018 I’ve sat on this for years as it isn’t my story to tell, I even had to work with him and his accomplices, @skydart supported me through that like a god damn soldier.This is about @skydart https://t.co/s JITdwo Do W — Robert Kazinsky (@Robert Kazinsky) June 16, 2018 People learn and grow. People trying to equate sending one inappropriate picture to years of systemic sexual and emotional abuse are part of the problem.You’re part of the solution rob and Chloe is a warrior and a beacon of light.Dykstra dated Hardwick from 2012-2014 and her story just came out this week.Since it happened in the past, does that mean it doesn’t matter since it was so long ago?

The latest place this story has seemingly gone, however, is towards Robert Kazinsky, current boyfriend of Dykstra, who has tweeted out quite a bit of support for his partner and the #Me Too movement.The duo has one more member in their life which made their life more colorful and you might get curious about that member than do not worry we will tell is none other than their dog Laika. The duo relationship is going smoothly till now and we have never heard any rumors regarding their love life.Chloe and Robert are in a live-in relationship and many times people get confused them as a husband and wife.It’s interesting because Kazinsky immediately says he did not have a #Me Too moment, denying something that he did in fact apologize for.It’s also interesting to point out that people are saying “it was 10 years ago” as if that makes it not matter at all.

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The couple never forgets to click the happy moments and shares it with their fans.

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