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The letter was to remain unfound for the next 50 years. In July 1981 Ken married Deirdre and he became a much better father to her daughter Tracy Barlow (formerly Langton) than Ray ever was.

In August 1961, Susan had a son, Lawrence Cunningham, and Ken never knew at the time that he had become a father that month. In 1971 Val was electrocuted when her and Ken moved into the new masionettes on the other side of Coronation Street. But Deirdre saw Ken as a boring old man who liked reading books when not teaching.

While the family battled through the loss, Bill then lost his wife in 2009, aged just 58.

uk contacted ITV for an official comment, and a representative confirmed the tragic news that Vanya has passed away.

The Coronation Street star has been a resident of the ITV soap for over 50 years as Manchester-born Ken Barlow, who has been through his share of heartbreak and plot twists.

Kenneth "Ken" Barlow is a character in Coronation Street who has appeared continuously since Episode 1 (). Ken is the longest serving character in the show of all time, having appeared almost continuously since 1960, apart from a break from April 2013 to August 2014 due to personal issues surrounding William Roache, the actor who plays him.

They separated just after, as he was from a backstreet and she was from a middle class family.

Susan later found she was pregnant and sent a letter but it somehow was not found and was accidentally slipped behind the skirting board near the front door. He soon started romancing Deirdre Hunt once her husband Ray Langton emigrated after cheating on her. Ken often locked horns with neighbour Mike Baldwin who was a bit of a spiv, the flash wheeler dealer.

In January 1962, budding journalist Ken slammed his roots, criticising the working class. Peter and Susan were sent to live with their aunty Edith in Glasgow, Scotland. Deirdre started to seek comfort in Mike Baldwin who was much more fun than Ken.

This lead to a huge fight between him and Len Fairclough in The Rovers Return. In early 1983 the truth emerged and Ken said "With a spiv like Baldwin!!! But Ken and Deirdre agreed to give their marriage another go, saying it was a catalyst for him to change and be a better husband. In 1984 Ken was in charge at The Weatherfield Recorder.

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