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Vast amounts of desert sand suctioned up from the Sahara has intermingled with the low-flying clouds to turn the sky a deep orange, and – as confirmed by tens of thousands of pictures appearing on social media – the sun is currently blood red.We’ve been assured that Hell hasn’t opened, but it’s as if someone’s added an Apocalypse filter to the UK and it’s hard not to imagine that if the world really going up in flames it might look just a little bit like this – and with everyone Instagramming it as it happens.He says he wants to be in fighting shape for the final tour, and he’s as matter-of-fact about HIM’s conclusion as most people are about a trip to the shops.“What shall we talk about? Let’s start with who dumped who.“Let’s just say I fired myself from the band,” he says, clearly proud of how clever he is, and with that, HIM’s final chapter begins.

It was the 90s, and the Big 4 of thrash and the lumbering gods that had preceded them had given way to myriad new forms of extremity, hybridisation and uncharted progressive territory.

The band was among the most successful Finnish bands of all time, and the first of the sorts to receive a gold record (500,000 copies) in the US.

The band’s history with Ville was filled with massive success and a high number of audience’s attendance at concerts and tours.

There were other effects, too – months, even years of exhaustion, isolation, heartbreaks, fuck-ups, alcohol abuse and all the side-effects of success that nobody ever warns you about. Outside of a tight circle of friends and family, this is the first time he’s spoken about the demise of a band he founded in in 2013, we’d been having some tough times – with the labels, blah blah, all the stuff bands go through. The crowds are fantastic, but I don’t want simple repetition.

We’re sitting in a dimly lit room now, reflecting on times gone by and admiring the low-flying clouds as they tumble through the colour-saturated sky outside to the sound of whistling wind. But a band has to be strong, and the friendship has to be strong so you can concentrate on the essentials like drinking beer and shaking your bum.”Changing industry times and a mixed reaction to HIM’s eighth album certainly didn’t help matters, either. Maybe that’s the golden cage dilemma – it’s beautiful, but it’s still a cage.”If Ville sounds angry here, then rest assured he isn’t – the raft of motions and the release that comes with one of the biggest decisions of his life have long since been processed, and he’s emphatic about the good-natured vibe surrounding the split.“We really thought about this long and hard.

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