What to expect when dating a hispanic man

In fact, the area of Florida Im from its uncommon to meet Mexicans so I havent had much interaction until now.

And until Frankie J comes along one of these days, I'll keep it that way Ugh...

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A common conceptions is that men are the main culprits, but women aren't innocent either; many a personal trainer has laid pipe to a housewife while was away at the office. And, although this is changing in the region, as many women get jobs and are able to support themselves, the need for a man to feel like a man is still very much alive.

At this point I just keep it real platonic..I said they are nice and friendly at first so when Im in the store, at the gym, or elsewhere we deal in a respect way.

They are good people but I dont know if its the culture but I never had to deal with this **** in Florida.

In the West, a man's desire to exert his masculinity has been largely subdued by a hypersensitive cultural narrative and media machine that condemns traditionally male behaviour.

Look no further than modern television sitcoms, where the women are strong and aggressive and the men are docile buffoons.

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