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At a hearing on Thursday, the Vilnius district court authorized a three-month detention of Ruzhechko at the request of prosecutors, the court spokesman said.

You will find multiple details about Moodle Video Chat module activity on this module home page: demo, how to install, how to configure, how to use, activity settings and permissions, how to customize, how to uninstall/upgrade, all Video Whisper plugins for Moodle.

If you're not hosting RTMP side with Video managed plans/servers go to RTMP Application Setup for rtmp side installation instructions.

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The best way for infants and toddlers to learn, says Troseth, is through positive interactions with an adult, whether playing a board game, reading a book or having screen time.

When adults use dialogic questioning — asking the child questions and inviting them to interject their own thoughts, feelings and ideas — that’s when learning is most likely to happen, she has found.

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