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We've built the document checking service so that identity providers can check digitally - immediately - to make sure the information provided by the user matches a valid record. UK Verify, because it means identity providers can complete all the necessary checks within the time it takes for a user to go through their verification process - about 10 minutes in total, on average.It means people won't have to send things in the post or take their documents to a counter service.With OIDC, they can also give you a token called an ID token.The ID token contains information about a user and their authentication status.The ID tokens are in JSON Web Token (JWT) format, the specification for which can be found here: https://org/html/rfc7519.

As part of the process of verifying a user's identity, identity providers will ask users to provide evidence that it's really them.A failure might be because the user entered the details incorrectly or the document has been revoked, reported lost or reported stolen.The identity provider can then carry out further verification to see if the person is who they say they are.Privacy and data protection We’ve built the document checking service in a way that protects users’ privacy.The Service doesn’t have direct access to any government data - it allows identity providers to receive a yes / no response from the holders of data, telling them whether data asserted by a user matches a valid record.

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