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In my experience UPS Worldship offers a very robust shipping application that is dynamic enough to accommodate integration with just about any custom or out of the box ecommerce system.

UPS Worldship offers many automating features by allowing you to integrate in many different ways.

UPS World Ship establishes an SSL connection to its server but it does not use the standard Windows certificate store, therefore it does not recognize the Cloud's certificate used for SSL interception.

In this blog post I would like to discuss a common warehouse scenario refereed to as Pick And Pack.

The ‘tracking’ column will hold the tracking number for this order.

The ‘tracking_sent’ is a boolean that will keep track of our tracking number emails discussed later in this post.

The plugin takes UPS World Ship Order XML file as input.

It updates all metadata of the orders by importing XML file.

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The order number, of course, refers to the unique order number in the ‘orders’ table.

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