Updating the database

Also, make sure you follow the instructions here again if you only copied your Redmine.pm, and update your Apache configuration as the recommended configuration has changed.

New lenses and cameras arrive at Lensfun every week.

Check for any themes that you may have installed in the to check/set permissions for the new features, if any.

There exists a second version of the programm called “g‑lensfun‑update‑data”.

For this purpose, there exists a simple command-line tool called “update‑lensfun‑data”.

If you call it (it doesn't need parameters), just wait for a second and the database is updated. If you want the updates to be installed system-wide, the program needs root privileges.

You only need to perform one of the following options. Download the release in either or zip format and uncompress the new program archive in a new directory.

Make sure the newly extracted and copied files and directories have the correct owner and group set, so that the user/group running your application server can actually access the files.

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