Updating sharp firmware

Sharp distributes the firmware update as a ZIP archive.

If the camera detects more than one face or eye, triangles will appear to either side of the focus point; to position the focus point over a different face or eye, press the multi- or sub-selector left or right.This file needs to be placed on the USB stick which will then be attached to the Blu-ray player, but the player will be finicky about the condition of the USB device.The filesystem on the USB stick must be FAT16 – the player will not read FAT32.I will say that Sharp is a superior product in a MAC environment and they have been for some time. It may be just a typo, what is the bulletin number?And I really can't see the need for the folks to write new firmware on a machine of that age. A tip can be a thought, a recommendation or an idea, but like they say, "best laid plans rarely come to fruition". In my most recent conversation with Sharp support I asked about firmware for the MX-2600/MX-3100 series and have heard nothing other than crickets chirping.

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