Updating php redhat 9

How can I setup and install PHP 7.2 on RHEL 7 server along with Nginx web server?

How do I configure PHP-fpm version 7.2 with Nginx server running on a Cent OS / Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 7?

Rgds Dieter Denis, IIRC, I'm pretty sure we added Software Collections to RHEL Academic subscription.

Redhat 9 has been out for a while now and there are quite a few updates available for it.

Each time I build a new system I have to download and install all of these updates.

Is there any way I can create new installation CDs with the updates already included?

Warning: some extensions are still under development (xdebug...), but it seems useful to provide them to allow upgrade to more people, and to allow user to give feedback to the authors.:/ If you want PHP versions which are not considered stable enough by Red Hat you will need to enable the EPEL repository and then install php like you tried before.sudo subscription-manager repos --enable rhel-server-rhscl-7-rpms Fehler: »rhel-server-rhscl-7-rpms« stimmt nicht mit einer gültigen Repository-ID überein.If your organization does not want to acquire a matching subscription, a workaround could be to install the (free) community edition Cent OS 7,5 in a KVM virtual machine, install the newer PHP version using their Software Collections and perform the operation from within there. :) Regards, Christian We as a university computing center have to order our software from an appointed dealer. The last choice will be to install the wiki on another computer although I was keen to work with RHEL to get some experience.We asked them about how to aquire a subscription which entitles us to make use of Software Collections. I have chosen Red Hat exactly for the purpose of absolute stability and security. Maybe someone of You can give me a hint how to get access to this Software Collections.

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