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This may be a question you find yourself asking, especially if you have a home that has been around for decades and yet you’re a fan of the modern architectural style and interior design and want to incorporate it in your own home.

Although admittedly challenging, it is entirely possible to combine these two and make it work.

As more people wished to relocate their growing families to the suburbs after the war, developers had to think of ways to maximize the limited plots of land available.

Bungalows are not enough for families that require multiple bedrooms, and multiple-story homes are spacious and suitable for families but are hardly affordable by the average household.

Your children can get their own rooms, you won’t have to pay a lot for the land and the house itself, it has enough room for the most important spaces in your home, and you all get some privacy while still being able to see what goes on in the rest of your home. Unfortunately, split-level homes are far from perfect.

In fact, not a lot of newly-built homes in recent years use this style.

Not only that, it was something new and far different-looking from the bungalows that were the norm back then.Split-level homes, also known as trilevel homes, are named as such because the standard style consists of three levels that are not uniformly split.You have a single level on one side of the house, while the other side consists of two floors.If you own a split-level home and want to achieve this, then read on. If your home is something that looks like it belongs to those tv shows you sometimes catch in the wee hours, and also comes with a couple of short staircases, you likely have a split-level home.A popular choice in the middle of the 20 century, particularly in the 1970’s after being made famous by the Brady Bunch, this style was well-received by families due to its practicality.

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