Updating a row in sql using php

On clicking the Previously, we have seen about how to handle edit for each record.

So, we showed only one tile containing single user details.

By iterating over this multidimensional array, each user record will be updated by setting current iteration values to My SQL UPDATE query.

For that, we need to make two main changes with the edit_user.php, we have seen in PHP CRUD. So, on submitting this multiple user information, an array of user information for each user, will be passed to PHP code.Scrolling down, it appears that the div tag of the old row was removed. We are well expertise with PHP CRUD operations by accessing My SQL via PHP logic.What happens now though is that it adds a NEW row in front of the table tag, and the old row remains.When I take a look at the generated source it says that there's a new row with the div id of 'pop ID' that I specified.

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For selecting multiple rows, we are going to use checkbox input for submitting selected rows reference.

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