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Because of the , resulting in the addition of an Edit button (and Update and Cancel buttons for the row being edited).

Figure 10: Configure the Grid View to Support Editing (Click to view full-size image) Visit the page through a browser and click one of the row s Edit buttons.

When editing a category, the user will be able to optionally upload a new picture or have the category continue to use the existing one. In this tutorial we will extend the Grid View to include editing and deleting support.

For the brochure, they can either choose to use the existing brochure, to upload a new brochure, or to indicate that the category no longer has a brochure associated with it. The DAL has auto-generated s header and choose Add Query from the context menu to launch the Table Adapter Query Configuration Wizard. Rather than continuing to work from page from the previous tutorial.

Figure 6: Add a Test Category with a Brochure and Image (Click to view full-size image) Figure 7: After Inserting the Test Category, it is Displayed in the Grid View (Click to view full-size image) In Visual Studio, refresh the Solution Explorer.

You should now see a new file in the statement to be sent to the database.

These are the methods that will be invoked from the Presentation Layer. The rationale behind using two methods is that in some circumstances, a user might want to update the category s picture along with its other fields, in which case the user will have to upload the new picture. To remedy this, click on the Configure Data Source option from the Object Data Source s smart tag to launch the wizard.

I tried with different kind of documents, but the problem is not resolved. Step 6 explores techniques for updating the brochure information while Step 7 looks at updating the picture.As discussed in the An Overview of Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data tutorial, the Grid View offers built-in row-level editing support that can be implemented by the tick of a checkbox if its underlying data source is appropriately configured.Currently, the Object Data Source is not yet configured to include updating support, so let s add that in.Click the Configure Data Source link from the Object Data Source s wizard and proceed to the second step.

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Before the record is deleted we need to determine its PDF file s path, but we don t want to delete the PDF before the category is deleted in case there is some exception and the category is not deleted.

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