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Turkey has also placed seventy-one additional sites on UNESCO’s Tentative List as possible future nominations.This list is likely to get bigger, as dozens of new historic and cultural sites and artifacts are discovered every month.Germany, a country which has conducted numerous — and sometimes controversial — excavations in Turkey since the nineteenth-century, argued that the reason why the objects in its museums were taken out of Turkey in the first place was because the Turkish government was destroying, rather than preserving, them.The Pergamon Museum’s Director in Berlin, Hermann Parzinger, feared that the same fate awaited the artifacts should they be returned.

Turkey has conceded that illicit excavations by both foreigners and locals have been one of the country’s most important issues for over a century.Recognizing the value and importance of its cultural patrimony, Turkey has implemented civil and criminal laws protecting against the export of its cultural valuables since 1869. 2863 on Conservation of Cultural and Natural Property (“Law No.2863”), was enacted in 1983, and has been supplemented since through a variety of regulations adopted pursuant to this law.One important part of this work is to achieve mutually satisfactory trading terms for the Euromed region's partners.The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership is an essential component in the pursuit of greater economic integration in the Mediterranean region.

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