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Today, the program which has started from only one dialect is now being heard in more than 70 countries in five languages.“Ang Dating Daan” has spread over the internet and now via satellite and has reached the Western part of the globe.There are over 1000 breastfeeding sites plus one International site in Papua New Guinea that participated on this event.This undertaking was done coinciding with the celebration of Ang Dating Daan’s 33rd Anniversary, it being the longest running religious program.The Old Path The Old Path is our Church's television program that started in the Philippines.There is a small award giving body called "Gawad Amerika" in the United States that gave the award "Most Informative Religious Program" to this show.People who were drunkard and doing vices were testifying on how their lives were changed thru the program on the following sites: An excerpt from a newly baptized member “I feel light. I went to a lot of different churches in the past.” Source: ON MANY LANGUAGES In 2000, Ang Dating Daan was broadcasted via Internet, having its English counterpart “The Old Path”.

The celebration calls for a Worldwide Bible Exposition held at the Big Dome where thousands gathered.

The said hashtag was placed on the top trending topic for today.

This event promotes the importance of breast feeding for both mother and child.

Today, the segment remains incomparable as no other evangelist welcomes queries of its audience.

CHANGING LIVES The program, which focuses on tackling Biblical teachings and debunking unchristian doctrines, had turned many lives’s 360 degree. I was in the province of Isabela before and I was in a different church.

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