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My lover’s eyes grew bigger and bigger as I approached him.At about the midpoint of my seductive walk to him I paused and pirouetted on… Read more As soon as I saw her I knew, or at least strongly suspected.For years I had been secretly searching shemale dating sights and masturbating to the beautiful gurls. They were always so beautiful, so sexual and sexual.Whe… Read more He was an older boy from the neighborhood.It was a couple of months later that Addison’s employer made a big announcement regarding a huge hire the station had made. My job took me to malls throughout the entire state.Sean Thompson had been hired for their sports department. He was a… Read more This is a true story about my very first (of many to cum) experience with a transgender. Every month around when my cell phone bill was due I would always get sent to a mall on the westside. There was always this gorgeous Latina Maria working there with an hour Glass shape.

His clientele base was still small enough that he knew most by name, a fact that he intended to preserve as long as he could manage.I parked my car outside Kelly's house and knocked on the door.She quickly answered as she's been waiting in the living room.Although I was still incredibly aroused by my flagrant self exposure to a complete stranger; I was, at the same time, feeling a little ashamed and almost humiliated by my overwhelming desire to act like a slut.The more I thought about it as I walked, the more I knew that I had to do what made me feel right and good.

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