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Those moments spent focused on technology can quickly add up to a sizable portion of a person’s waking hours.The same allotment of time that just a few years ago might have been considered an online addiction is now commonplace in smartphone use, especially among younger users.

Sometimes, the ways people use technology can create problems between romantic partners, potentially stirring conflict and dissatisfaction in the relationship.

According to Ohio counselor Jessica Wade, MAMFT, LPCC, the emotional connections forged by couples through body language, nonverbal communication, tone of voice, and facial expression are essential to the relationship and impossible to replicate with technology.

“Overreliance on technology might cause misunderstandings, and partners lose the opportunity to make those immediate relationship repair attempts that happen in the moment during in-person communication,” Wade said.

The benefits of technology reside in an ability to elevate the human experience, but experts advise use of new devices and platforms should be grounded in perspective of how the new technology has the power to change communication and the way people relate to one another. The preceding article was solely written by the author named above.

Identifying ways to use these new inventions successfully—without cheating yourself out of genuine human connection in the process—may ultimately require more low-tech solutions. Any views and opinions expressed are not necessarily shared by Good

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Allotting non-use times (such as during dinner or date night) can help reground partners in their relationship or individuals to their surroundings.

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