Taylor momsen chace dating accommodating tests

Whatever it is, the duo has been spending some quality off-camera time together.

Mind you, we’d never seen them hang out before Season 3 started filming. Anyway, we’ll keep you posted if we see anymore on set interactions come to life off set.

In season four, Katie Cassidy's Juliet Sharp made it her mission to get revenge on Serena, who she blames for her brother’s incarceration.

She also wooed Nate for a while, but that was never meant to last.

You know and love him as Bucky Barnes, but before Sebastian Stan took over the Marvel universe as the most lovable antagonist, he terrorized Manhattan’s darlings.

Is Blair just being herself, implementing a “friends close, enemies closer” policy, or have the downtown-NYU-hipster fumes gotten to her head?

She was hired by Carol Rhodes, Lily’s sister, to gain access to the the family trust fund.

However, after Remember one of the most manipulative women on the Upper East Side?

It has now been six years since the show ended, and it has gotten rather quiet around the actors behind the phenomenon.

Die-hard fans will have followed their favorites through independent films, off-broadway plays, and failed television projects, but only a few of the original cast members has remained relevant.

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He does indeed belong to the category of long forgotten guest stars.

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