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We must be able to discuss art without attacking the creator or engaging in endless prurient speculation about the creator’s gender identity, sexual orientation, ability status, and other personal matters.I do think that there are some things in the personal lives of creators that are relevant to their work—take Roman Polanski, for example.There’s a fascinating double-edged sword that comes out of the sheath when it comes to talking about women creators.On the one hand, there’s an attitude that we should unreservedly support female artists.We all internalize misogyny to some extent and I am never surprised, though I am disappointed, when it expresses in pop culture critiques. It is necessary to evaluate and critique all pop culture, no matter the gender of the creator.Being a woman does not make you immune from criticism when your work is problematic.

Furthermore, you can even say 'this is not to my taste because...' and everyone can have a great conversation about it, without once discussing whether or not Norah Jones is [some personal slur] or not. But when Britney Spears was at the height of her popularity, she was packaged into all kinds of venues: clothing, dolls, lunch pails, posters, underwear even. We don't see this as much with males - (though I feel like it's catching on with the younger boy pop stars- we shall see), so for me, it is much more difficul tto separate the folks from thier work, as it got more and more difficult to figure out who they were and what their work was. I actually feel like the two artists chosen for this article are perfect in that really, can you choose?On the other hand, we have people who take advantage of the veneer of ‘criticism’ to spew misogyny and hatred about women.This includes people in feminist spaces who judge creators for everything from showing too much skin to not being feminist enough.At the same time, we need to recognize that there is a history when it comes to talking about art created by women.A history of bringing discussions about personal lives into discussions of art, of picking female creative professionals apart personally, not just professionally, of expressing some internalized tropes in the way we interact with art created by women.

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It often seems, quite frankly, like an excuse to bring on the hate.

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