Super chub dating

Soon Bane’s stomach will be expanding and will be hurting and painful as he rubs his tummy and feels it steadily growing.

Bane wants a nice big round ball belly so he actually looks six months pregnant, let’s watch and see him inflate and bloat that belly with endless pizza .

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Wow for a skinny guy Bane can really pack a lot of food into that sexy gut he is growing there !

I love watching as Bane grows his belly more and more with every piece of pizza he gobbles down. Gainer, gay gainer fetish, bloating, encourager, burping,chub, chubby, fat, fat fetish, fat guy, fat belly, belly fetish, belly, fatty, beer belly, feeder, feedee, overeating,face stuffing, padding, bloat, belly growing, inflating fetish, ball belly, belly play, belly rub, button popping, chubby chaser, dominant feeder, food coma, feeding, gainer shake, gaining to immobility, gut growing, grazing, gorging, inflation, instant gaining, muscle and gut, pig, submissive gainer, starter belly .

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