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One statistic I’ve heard being bandied around says that there are approximately one thousand illegal abortions conducted in Sri Lanka every day.

It is almost like we in Sri Lanka think, “Oh my god, I can’t teach my kids about birth control because that means they are going to do it, and then what will Loku Nanda and Sybil Aunty next door and the dobi’s cousin-in-law-twice-removed say?The large number of abortions are not even the worst symptom of our refusal to talk about sex. It’s full of rape, and underrage sex, and all types of abuse.When normal sex is not accepted as normal, then abnormal sex seems to come to the fore. I read this article about some man in Moratuwa who had molested a nine-month year old baby.It is about bloody time we started talking about sex.Honestly, the way people approach the subject of sex in Sri Lanka, even on the blogosphere which we can safely assume to be a more educated liberated sample, is laden with coyness and guilt.

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