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Some 2002 versions of the black and Frost Red Metallic Squier Bullet Special are known to have the Affinity brand on the headstock as well.All Squier Bullet Special guitars were made in Indonesia at the Cort factory.By 2015, Fender was using Squier Bullet as a line name for their lowest-priced guitars at the 0 price point.The guitars used inexpensive basswood for their bodies and reduced paint steps to the absolute minimum to keep costs under control.

The logo on the headstock reads "Squier Bullet" with no mention of "Special".

It had a fixed, hardtail bridge, a dual-coil (humbucker) bridge pickup, one volume control, and a 21 fret rosewood fingerboard bolt on neck.

The body was made out of plywood and it was made in six colors: Black, Ice Blue Metallic, Red Metallic, Cobalt Blue Metallic, Orange, and Satin Silver.

The S-2 had two single coil pickups & a 3 way switch, the S-3 had 3 single coil pickups & a 5 way switch, the H-2 had two humbucker pickups each with their own coil tapping button & a 3 way switch.

The humbucking pickups were really two single coil pickups with alnico rod magnets side-by-side. The popular second version Bullet's were available in color options red, ivory, brown sunburst or walnut, black was also available but never marketed as a color option.

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Introduced in the early 1970s, these strings differ by having cylindrical bullet-shaped ends instead of the "ball ends" common to other manufacturers.

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