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Guys move around from one table to another while the girls sit down at their table.Girls will give their contact details (name, phone number etc.) written in notes to guys they were interested in right after being instructed to move. Guys will not be able to look at the notes until the organized part of the event has finished.If half of the population is female we would have 150.000 female inhabitants (low estimate) and 20.000 bar girls (high estimate).According to Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and Carl Friedrich Gauss this means that only 13.33% of the female inhabitants are bar girls.

If you meet a girl who works in a big hotel, you can bet your ass that she said “ and yes, she’s desperate because these guys are the only ones who approach her. I don’t tell you this because I judge men who pay for sex.Full details of the event can be found on their website at their facebook book page For example it's a little different from a standard speed dating event because the participants won't be ticking boxes and waiting for a day or two to know their matches.Instead: You will be talking for 5 - 7 minutes with each single guy/girl.If you're interested in going register and sign up, talk to Tero on Facebook he's the guy running the show and cool guy also.So if any of you guys have been to the past event or end up going to this even please let us know how it was by placing a comment below.

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Guys are then encouraged to go talk more with girls who gave them their numbers and who the guys are also interested in.

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