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When he became frustrated with the way they had to conduct their relationship, she abruptly broke up with him. He felt somewhat depressed and it was easier to go online to try to meet another girl than risk an encounter in real life.While chatting with a woman in a chat room, she suggested they go on Skype so they could see each other.When I first met Jack, he had recently discovered that he was being investigated.He was frozen with anxiety, afraid that I would not believe that he is not the kind of person who would prey sexually on minors.

I suggested that as frightening and shocking as being investigated as a sex offender was, it may well have been a blessing in disguise, a wake-up call. Sexuality and the Internet: Surfing into the new millennium. Cyber Psychology & Behavior, 1(2), 187-193., 1, 187-193. Or are you suggesting that the authorities were employing actual underage girls to cruise chat rooms? He had a great deal of difficulty in identifying and expressing his feelings.Although I did not have a lot of experience treating sex offenders, I had some.The effect of technology on addictive behavior is extraordinary.Addictive individuals are attracted to the Internet because their behavior, which usually requires secrecy, is easier to satisfy online because of what (Cooper, 1998)(1998) called the "Triple A Engine," in which the A's stand for anonymity, accessibility, and affordability.

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