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Chloe gets a text asking her to meet her father; she reluctantly accepts a ride from Brian, but lies about her destination (he finds out anyway).Brian says that he will wait outside until he knows she’s safe.Amy (Grace Phipps) is Chloe’s best friend since childhood.Not afraid to be her own person, Amy is a top student who’s not only dealing with her first serious relationship, but also with the fact that her BFF has special powers.She was adopted from the Ukraine and now lives in San Francisco with her single mother, real estate agent Meredith King (Amy Pietz).Chloe is looking forward to celebrating her birthday with her friends and mom.Alek Petrov (Benjamin Stone) is a good-looking high school athlete with a bad boy edge and a killer accent.

Alek returns to find both of them on the floor with Zane standing over them, who states he is Alek’s brother.He’s no stranger to misfortune, though as he witnessed his mother’s murder when he was only 14 years old.His father wants him to join the “family business” — even though that business wants Chloe, his new love interest, dead.The Mai have been hunted by human assassins for millenia.Can she navigate the perils of being a teenager while also saving her people from extinction?

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