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So, by manipulating our sleep patterns, we can target REM sleep phases.

The easiest and most popular way to do this is with the Wake Back To Bed (WBTB) technique.

After all, that is the underpinning principal of lucid dreaming: . This is the special state that keeps your body still at night – and from physically acting out your dreams!

Just sometimes, it misfires a little – and we wake early (hence, sleep paralysis).

First, understand that you sleep in 90 minute cycles and that each night you have 4-6 of these cycles.

REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep happens at the of each cycle – and mostly in the later cycles of the night.

An EEG reading showed a significant increase in brainwave frequencies at the 40 Hz (or Gamma) range while lucid. But a lucid dream is not merely a fantasy playground.

Indeed, the researchers concluded that this justifies the classification of lucid dreams as a new and separate state of consciousness. Dream theories suggest it's a chance to interact with other parts of your psyche (by talking to different dream characters) and even your co-conscious inner self (by talking to the very fabric of the dream).

More recently, this 2009 study by the Neurological Laboratory in Frankfurt revealed significantly increased brain activity during lucid dreams.The first scientific proof of lucid dreaming emerged in 1975 from the British parapsychologist Dr Keith Hearne.He recorded a set of pre-determined eye movements from his lucid volunteer, Alan Worsley, via an electro-oculogram (EOG).Intriguingly, the research also showed heightened activity in the frontal and frontolateral areas of the dreaming brain. Several respected journals have published studies on how lucid dreams have helped veterans suffering from PTSD, athletes seeking to gain an edge over their competition and even children suffering from unusual phobias.Which also happens to be the seat of linguistic thought and other higher mental functions linked to self awareness! Once you know how to become lucid in dreams, you will discover a strange new world (an entire universe, actually) of which you are fully aware and can manipulate with the power of thought.

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