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Meet single parents with the official Single Parent Meet dating app. Being a single parent dating has its own challenges.As a parent, you understand how your relationship with your child plays into your life.Whether you became a single parent through divorce, a death, adoption, or some other situation, you've probably wondered what the future holds for you and your children.Will you be able to provide the emotional, financial, and spiritual support your family needs?She also gives amazing advice on some very common places we can get stuck on this journey!Despite limited research on single parent dating, one study found that perceptions of single adults in an online dating profile varied by their gender, number of children, and parental status (Sommer, Plumm, Terrance, & Tubré, 2013).Linda will see you through the dark emotions, the lonely heartaches, and the very real reasons for hope and joy. With years of experience supporting and guiding single parents, and drawing on personal experiences, Linda Jacobs offers simple, supportive, and spiritual advice for the parent searching for hope. In The Single Parent, Linda deals with the difficult subjects head on and applies biblical truths to our everyday situations.Linda writes in a way that is easy to understand, sharing concepts that are easy to apply to your everyday life. With over fifty years of hands-on experience, she challenges all single parents to be the best that we can be with practical tools and honest answers." "Single parents can thrive!

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Additionally, single parents viewed being divorced more positively than single adults who are not parents, whereas single adults with no children viewed the profile with no previous relationship most positively.

Future research should focus on the participant's intent for viewing and selecting a mate through the means of online dating. Table F1: Family households, by type, age of own children, age of family members, and age, race and Hispanic origin of householder. Table C3: Living arrangements of children under 18 years and marital status of parents, by age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin and selected characteristics of the child for all children.

The Single Parent is delightfully engaging, practically insightful, and anchored in Scripture. " "The Single Parent is an amazing handbook for the issues single parents face every day.

Linda Jacobs weaves personal experiences with practical tools and advice.

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Having been both divorced and widowed, Linda knows firsthand the needs of single-parent families. Linda Jacobs is a leading expert on single parenting because she's been a single mother herself and she's helped countless others who are on that journey.

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