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More than half of the original population has left in the past months, the United Nations says. Some 47 percent of surveyed camp residents said they wanted to stay, citing reasons including “security concerns” and “fear of detention.” But last week’s visit is only the first part of a “two-step” plan – the second of which will involve aid delivery, according to the U. Conditions inside Rukban are dire, with many surviving on just one simple meal a day, often bread and olive oil or yogurt, according to one resident.

Another, “Still Singing,” reflects on a protester whose chant “Yalla Irhal Ya Bashar” (“Come on, Leave, Bashar”) became a symbol of the uprising.

Abo Rebieh shared some of her works with The New York Times, and spoke in English and Arabic about her experience in detention and the women she met there.

(Where quoted, her remarks have been edited for length and clarity.)Before Ms.

S.-backed rebels are also present – requires permission from Damascus.

In February, a humanitarian convoy of 133 trucks delivered food, clothes, healthcare items and medical supplies to the camp’s residents.

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