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Another “New Girl” co-star spoke recently about how well Megan Fox fits in on the comedy and it wouldn’t be surprising if Fox stays on to make more episodes, especially if the ratings jump on the episodes where Megan’s character appears. Recently Max spoke about Megan joining the cast and said, “We’ve been having so much fun. She’s done like four so far, and it’s been really nice.She’s very funny – I’m excited for people to see how funny she is.” Max went on “She’s been really good in these episodes. We have a really good time.” Will Megan take her on-screen romance with Johnson’s Nick Miller spill over into a personal affair?“I just saw her, thought she was attractive, and told her so,” La Beouf said of Karolyn Pho, a 22-year-old stylist.

After a moment, the actress conceited that it was, indeed, a “romantic” relationship they shared, and she claimed she does still love him — even though they’re no longer romantically involved.That said, this is Hollywood and on-screen chemistry often leads to much more, regardless of commitments to other people.The movie actor Shia La Beouf naked photos and videos are pretty saucy!Even though this news might come as a surprise to some, Fox claims she’s never “been really quiet” about her warm feelings for her fellow .It sounds like it was only a fling during the making of the first film, but it is hard to know for sure. Perhaps later on in the future, we’ll learn even more details about their relationship.

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