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If a term does not appear here, it does not mean that it is illegitimate; it simply means that it is not one that I regularly use in my writings.

Keep in mind that other people may use certain terms differently than I do (and I often address such disparities in the entries).

Many of the words and phrases listed here are only several decades old (if that), so they are by no means set in stone.Yet, word elimination strategies insist that any negative usage (whether present or past, commonplace or occasional, real or perceived) automatically trumps all potentially neutral, positive, or productive uses of the term.Instead of condemning the words themselves, we should instead focus our attention on the ways in which people are using, misusing, or abusing them.This is the online glossary for my third book: Outspoken: A Decade of Transgender Activism and Trans Feminism.It begins with a brief introductory essay, followed by the glossary itself (which you can skip ahead to by clicking that link).

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And we will be best served if we challenge the negative connotations and false assumptions associated with those misuses and abuses, rather than trying to eliminate the words themselves.

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