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I’ve had two of my friends tell me they would take me (one, who I’d love to go with, but he lives out of town & has a girlfriend (I also don’t know if he was even serious), and the other.not so much, as he’s my bff’s ex) Anyway, my question to you is, should I 1. (I stayed silent, since the season was still going strong and I didn’t want anything awkward.) I want to get closer with him, but is there any way I can do it with out messing up the chemistry of the team for next season? ) I don’t think you need to worry about messing up the chemistry of your team—plenty of people meet and date as a result of shared extracurriculars—but you do need to be ready to play it super-super-cool if he turns out not to be interested.Is he ignoring all my moves, or is he just not catching on? If you’re flirting so hard that everyone else has noticed, your crush *probably* knows what’s going on. Try asking him if he likes anyone and see what he says.

No whining, no attacking; just call out the elephant in the room, like, “Hey, I can’t help noticing that you’ve been avoiding me since I asked you out that one time.

Anyway, we were pretty good friends before that (I was one of the few people she talked about certain things to) but for the past couple of months, I can only remember one time where our conversations have been longer than four consecutive sentences.

It’s like she’s avoiding me, as whenever we talk (I’ve been trying to start conversations again online), she ends every attempted conversation very abruptly (she says brb and doesn’t say anything after that).

I think I can safely say that I’ve gotten over her, but, considering the fact that we used to be pretty close, I still really want to be friends with her.

So, from all this, two questions: How do I ask her why she’s been ‘avoiding’ me; and why is she behaving this way? There’s nothing worse than getting up the courage to ask someone out and not only getting rejected, but winding up with one less friend.

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  1. But I just feel like shit right now and don't know how to make myself feel better. I know I can be social, that I am person who has a good career and spends time working on myself, and I have a lot of good friends.