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To put in hobbies you have no interest in, in the hope of appearing more impressive, will only attract people you have nothing in common with in the here and now. Also, if you feel you have special qualities such as a sense of humor or kind nature, try to write your profile in a way that sincerely reflects that.

You also really need to share a part of your personality with your audience. You are now ready to make your first attempt at creating a winning profile!

If there is little information about a prospective date, then they are more than likely to skim over an empty profile as quickly as possible. The first aspect of your profile to consider should be your photo.

Many members worry about appearing ‘desperate’ or over keen.

This can mean putting in less effort into a profile in a bid to ‘play it cool’. However, keep this in mind: how will others know what you want, if you don’t ask for it?

We’ve all heard stories of people who’ve posted a photo that is ten or twenty years old. Now, if you never intend to meet someone, then this is not a problem.

But let’s be realistic – you wouldn’t be on a dating site if you weren’t hoping to meet someone! Give yourself some credit, you’re still a beautiful person, and sure to be someone’s ideal ‘type’.

Search for search for dating relationship for true love:

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