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" In a 2014 Reddit AMA, Reeves was asked to reveal the biggest movie star he's friends with, and named Bullock.

"Yeah, through the years we kinda get together, have a dinner, catch up, see how it's going," he shared.

And the two definitely want to work together again.

"We just do, and I'm glad because I like her tremendously as a person. "Every time I heard he had an accident I’d call to make sure he was OK.

We have some mutual friends and we had a few dinner dates ... I don't know what it is, but I love being around Keanu. He is such a good person."In a 2006 interview with with Reeves. There's a great level of comfort that I have." Clearly, Reeves feels the same way.

At one point Keanu stumbled into me and sort of grabbed my butt. It was very sweet."She also admitted to De Generes that she had a crush on him."I think about how sweet Keanu Reeves was, and how handsome he was," she gushed. "I think it's true.""I think we're probably friends for that long because we didn't..." she continued.

We had to do all these really physical scenes together, rolling around on the floor and stuff. "The whole stunt he just made sure my dress [stayed down]. He'd look at me and I'd [giggle]."Ultimately, she said the two never dated."There was just something about me that I guess he didn't like," she said with a laugh.Reportedly, he called Sandra “wonderful, energetic, positive and talented” and she has returned the sweet comments by saying that she adores him.The pair have been enjoying a series of dates in LA, 17 years after they first met shooting 1994 hit Speed and five years since they reunited for 2006’s The Lake House."She's such a wonderful person, such a wonderful actress." in May, he once again praised working with Bullock."It was a great experience to make that film," he said."[I] got to meet Sandra Bullock, got to work with her, it was fantastic. was the second one, and a chance to do as much action as I could.

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