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On the underside you can see two of the four rubber risers along with vents and the Sage TV serial number information sticker.

The only ventilation on the HD300 is on the underside whereas the HD200’s vents were on the side.

This helped ensure the down-mixing of HD Audio from Blu-rays worked as advertised. I remember when I reviewed the earlier Sage TV extender - HD200. Here’s a photo of the HD300 next to a deck of cards to give you a feel for how small.The front view shows a glossy, black plastic casing.Looking across the front from right to left you’ll see the power indicator LED, the External IR Receiver Port, and the IR receiver along with the Sage TV Logo and various video & audio logos.I’m one of those who covets those newfangled Ti Vo and not-yet-available Boxee remote controls that have the qwerty keyboard built in.The Sage TV IR remote control is certainly functional with more buttons than most remotes – all of which have useful functions.

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Sage TV also has the ability to access the Sage TV experience when you're away from home with Sage TV Placeshifter.

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