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An international team has decoded the genomes of four minke whales, a fin whale, a bottlenose dolphin, and a finless porpoise, comparing these cetaceans’ genes to the equivalent genes in other mammals.

According to The Guardian, fishermen in waters near the small Norwegian fishing village of Inga reported last week that a white beluga whale wearing a strange harness had begun to harass their fishing boats.

During their research, the Murmansk sea biology research institute concluded dolphins and seals were much more suited to the training and arctic climates than the beluga whales.

The whales were deemed too sensitive to the cold and did not have the same “high professionalism” of seals, which had a far better memory for remembering oral commands.

Inside the harness, which has now been removed from the whale, were the words “Equipment of St. The fisherman said the whale was very tame and seemed used to human beings.

“If this whale comes from Russia and there is a great reason to believe it then it is not Russian scientists, but rather the navy that has done this,” said Martin Biuw of the Institute of Marine Research in Norway.

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