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Once you’ve completed the process the card will be mailed to the address on file and should arrive within two weeks.

This plan will list the work activities that you must do up to 40 hours per week to receive assistance.

The draft regulations underscored this point by stating that: “the fact that an individual who has above average familiarity with speaking or understanding a language other than English does not suffice to make that individual a qualified interpreter for an individual with limited English proficiency.” 1.

is proficient in speaking and understanding both spoken English and at least one other spoken language, including any necessary specialized vocabulary, terminology, and phraseology, and 2.

Adhere to generally accepted translator ethics principles, including client confidentiality; 2.

Has demonstrated proficiency in writing and understanding both written English and at least one other written non-English language; and 3.

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is able to effectively, accurately, and impartially communicate directly with individuals with limited English proficiency in their primary languages As the draft version of the regulations noted: “because the definition of a qualified interpreter includes adherence to generally accepted interpreter ethics principles, bilingual or multilingual staff who are competent to communicate directly with individuals with limited English proficiency may not satisfy a requirement to adhere to such principles.” According to the final version of the rules, bilingual staff must not only be qualified to serve as medical interpreters, they must be able to demonstrate their proficiency in doing so. Real-time, full-motion video and audio over a dedicated high-speed, wide bandwidth video connection or wireless connection that delivers high-quality video images that do not produce lags, choppy, blurry, or grainy images or irregular pauses in communication; 2.

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