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The Final Rule for establishment of the NPI system was published in the Federal Register (FR 3434, Vol. 15) by the Department of Health and Human Services on January 23, 2004.The effective date of this Final Rule was May 23, 2005; all covered entities were to begin using the NPI in standard transactions by May 23, 2007.A prescription must be written in ink or indelible pencil or typewritten and must be manually signed by the practitioner.An individual may be designated by the practitioner to prepare the prescriptions for his/her signature.Answer: Federal law and regulations do not restrict the prescribing, dispensing, or administering of any schedule II, III, IV, or V narcotic medication, including methadone, for the treatment of pain, if such treatment is deemed medically necessary by a registered practitioner acting in the usual course of professional practice.

Is it appropriate to provide a DEA registration number on prescriptions written for medications other than controlled substances?The practitioner is responsible for making sure that the prescription conforms in all essential respects to the law and regulation.Prescriptions for schedule II controlled substances must be written and be signed by the practitioner.Although DEA has repeatedly made its position known to industries such as insurance providers and pharmacy benefit managers, there is currently no legal basis for DEA to prevent or preclude companies from requiring or requesting a practitioner's DEA registration number.The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has developed a National Provider Identification (NPI) number unique to each healthcare provider.

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Answer: An individual may return his/her unused or unwanted controlled substance prescription medication to any retail pharmacy that is authorized by the DEA to collect unwanted pharmaceutical controlled substances. Alternately, if a pharmacy maintains mail-back packages, individuals may place unused or unwanted medications inside a mail-back package.

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