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**Author’s Disclaimer** I am neither a therapist nor a professional counselor.The following advice is given in a take it or leave it format.Ask anyone that has tried to communicate too early, typically you get burned. We tend to look at the good in everyone until the best idea in your head and the loving intensions in your heart go terribly awry with any act of kindness. It’s natural and when we don’t get what we give (Like a Return on Investment so to speak) we get disappointed. Some lash out, others get mad, some kick and scream, some just roll with it and learn from it as their disappointment is tucked away in the closet of “big mistakes”. If you have ever made that effort to start communicating and you push your luck, you will do exactly that…will push them away. Just because you are still in love and want them back and they talk to you on the phone or meet you out DOES NOT MEAN THEY WANT YOU BACK. ** How do you know its ok to open the lines of communication? They could be an outstanding person and have been a wonderful friend to you when in need but if you don’t get what you give…why stay? If you are healthy enough to understand that your ex is a separate person and does not belong to you or owe you anything physically or emotionally and that you both are NO LONGER a couple then you find out they are dating someone new, are engaged or even single and dating and can be perfectly 100% ok with any of the above mentioned, can you even think of communication. Thank you…I wish you the best no matter what your situation. Ever wondered why your ex is “acting that way” or why they are treating you differently now?

Rhino Records first previewed the 11-track LP with “Rubberband of Life”, and now they’ve shared “Paradise” as a second teaser. As previously reported, the origins of date back to the mid-1980s following Davis’ departure from Columbia Records.There are those out there that are trying to get back with an ex because it took them so long to find the one they had. I choose to look at my life in a positive sense rather than negative. How strong your rubber band is, depends on what you two shared BEFORE The break.They were shown some sort of attention or love and are more addicted to the FEELING than the person. Your head and heart will thank you for it later and you will be in a better place to make any rational decisions pertaining to your love life much more clearly than before. I choose not to settle for what I can get but rather what I want and expect. How can you say “I will be alone forever if this doesn’t work out! You are having a pity party and sure you are entitled but if you actually believe it as time progresses, you will become the very thing you don’t want to be….lonely. Sometimes, we assume that we LOVED ONE ANOTHER so much when indeed, it was only ONE sided; your side. To give love freely and to have that love returned to you is a gift from God.You write a post here at the Love Logic and people (like me) would tell you to continue NC until there are signs of you healing.A few posts later, you get a response saying “Give him or her a call…what could it hurt? I try to post solid advice based on my experience rather than quick fixes.

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  1. Dating Tip 6: Give Love Time to Grow Sometimes the idea of love is better than love itself. If you’re infatuated, need constant reassurance, and have trouble thinking about anything else, these are signs you’re not really in love. If you’re like most people, finding mature love takes more than one try, but it’s definitely worth it.