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In 1997, her father's business failed and Yang at the age of thirteen began considering a career in show business.Following her parents divorce, she lived with her mother and elder sister.She is well known for her work in Meteor Garden, Devil Beside You, Hi My Sweetheart, and Life Plan A and B.

Now the road stride forward singing militant songs everywhere on the network, Tang Yan news, Roy Chiu Tse's name only mentioned Tang Yan will follow.Want to return to a friend ", let the whole crowd of two people that love assistant Tang Yan angry, Roy Chiu Tse angrily refused to announce the lie, love, do not dare, Roy Chiu Tse was hit in the face down properly The Tia Lee Roy Chiu Tse derailment is also a wonderful woman, and Roy Chiu Tse was not clear for a while, and later with Show Luo Xiaqing, and Ke Zhendong is now skelter, looks good, but about her scandal has not too good.After Tang Yan entered the entertainment circle never spread over the scandal, estimated this is the first time into the circle after the girl love, love during the pay is quite deep, so Roy Chiu Tse Tang Yan suffered a major blow to cheating, deep hurt Tang Yan once heard Dutch act attempted!Although the Tang Yanfang rumor, but at the time of Tang Yanjin hospital is a fact: There is a suspected medical photo spread out: the poor girl, but fortunately nothing!After the matter came out, Yang Mi also made a micro-blog to tell you Tang Yan is very good, from a good sister combination debut, but this article also indirectly confirmed that micro-blog Roy Chiu Tse Tang Yan also do together.

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Not to mention how she’s grown more and more beautiful and stylish with age.

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