Pros and cons of dating an only child

When you have multiple very young children, it is non-negotiable they do what you say.

You only have two arms, and if you have more children than arms (and even if you don’t) you need your children to respond to your voice.

In the evenings I will point to specific areas and my two oldest truly are able to put things back where they go (because I have good storage systems). They can bring me things I need and mind instructions, but they are in no way self-sufficient.

I’ve noticed that my daughter and son are able to play well together because they are on each other’s level.

This may be because they don’t yet have any children and can’t even fathom your decision-making process.

2-3 years between babies is a culturally common spacing, and if you announce you are pregnant it seems less shocking since your youngest isn’t a baby anymore.

Even if you don’t let the comments faze you – because you know your family’s business is your own – it is disconcerting.

Your completely focus is consumed by making sure that numerous little people are safe, fed, well-rested, and generally content.Read: For the days when mom needs to escape When your children have only one nap, then no naps, you begin to see a whole new world.Water parks, amusement parks, no strollers, no worrying about toddlers breaking down because they missed a nap! Then, enter new baby, and everyone parks it at home again.If you love staying home with your kids, but love working too, you may find having babies closer together will mean you get the best of both worlds.You get the once in a lifetime chance to stay home with your children, but return to work while you are still somewhat in the loop, not decades behind in technology and certification. The ages are something like 10, 8, 6, 1, and newborn.

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