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Had a nasty problem with flash player on both of our Dell Windows 10 pc's affecting both Edge and IE11 last week. The visible symptoms are: ⦁ Web sites requiring the flash player display error messages that flash player is not installed or not enabled.⦁ Settings in Edge indicate that flash player is enabled.⦁ displays "Disabled" as the version, "Edge" as the browser name, and "Windows 10" as the operating system.In IE11, the version shows as "Disabled or not installed". After many hours on the phone with Dell's support staff, it was decided that a Windows reset followed by a re-install of all applications was required to fix the problem.Find the file by first accessing the run dialog by pressing another numbered folder.”4.

So you should allow flash player running in your current website.The reset did resolve this, flash player is working again, and now displays "" as the version, "Edge(Active X)" as the browser name, and "Windows 10" as the operating system. Unsure of the cause of the problem, I decided to test the flash player as each application was reinstalled, and this recreated the problem in 4 easy steps: ⦁ Reset Windows. ⦁ Run Windows Update, let it install the updates that it finds. It found an update for Adobe flash player, and installed it. displays "Disabled" as the version, "Edge" as the browser name, and "Windows 10" as the operating system. At the point of failure, the only items installed on the PC were Windows 10 and Mc Afee Livesafe.One of the updates is a security update for Adobe flash player. Discussion with Dell and Mc Afee support revealed no usable information other than re-installing Mc Afee with the Custom option and un-checking the Vulnerability scanner feature.The file “pepflashplayer.dll” can sometimes cause a problem with Flash content.The first step you should try in resolving the issue is to rename this file.1.

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If you still need Flash to run, give the three tricks listed above a chance.

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