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Secondary prevention occurs when victims stop being victimized or perpetrators stop being violent. The cost of this program is ,200 plus transportation and lodging expenses for the trainer.Data were collected from baseline (October 1994) through four years after program completion. One-day implementation training for teachers who will be delivering Safe Dates curriculum: 5 per teacher for participation in open enrollment training at Hazelden plus transportation and teacher time or ,200 for Hazelden trainers to come on-site and deliver training to a group of teachers plus Hazelden trainer travel costs teacher time. .63 per class (estimate of materials and supplies required for each classroom of 30 students and 45 parents/guardians.) Because training is typically delivered in classrooms, there are not usually any additional space, transportation or administration costs associated with implementation.Evaluation has focused on the effects of the Safe Dates program on the primary and secondary prevention of dating violence. The cost of an on-site workshop (one-day) is ,200, plus transportation and lodging expenses for the trainer. Under a special licensing arrangement with Hazelden, organizations may be granted the authority to train Safe Dates implementers within a geographic region.

Districts that find it difficult to identify dollars to support the initial training and curriculum purchases can potentially partner with a local foundation or corporation to support these costs.

The newsletter contains worksheets based on the school curriculum for adolescents to complete. It has been shown to be effective for both males and females, as well as with culturally and ethnically diverse audiences.

The health educators answer questions, provide additional information when needed, and assess completion of newsletter worksheets. It addresses both teens who abuse and teens who are abused.

Some states have put in place Formula Funds: There are a variety of federal formula funds that could potentially support Safe Dates.

Accessing these funding streams depends on the leaders of the administering agency prioritizing investment in Safe Dates.

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The poster contest is designed to give adolescents another exposure to messages about dating violence.

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