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Whenwe tried to describe him our memories worked likehis. Our parents weresad furious; we couldn't say who had kept us.The two poets achieved different kinds of excellence, as is evident in Dante Gabriel Rossetti‘s comment on his sister, quoted by William Sharp in (June 1895): “She is the finest woman-poet since Mrs.Browning, by a long way; and in artless art, if not in intellectual impulse, is greatly Mrs., it goes and I write it on the board, pausing so they can call out the antonyms – My Your Life Death Had stood ? Or maybe a hug, but not a book, no way is it a book. For a moment, very much like the one between lightning and it’s sound, the children just stare at me, and then it comes, a flurry, a hail storm of answers –Flower, says one. That's stupid, cries a third, the opposite of a gun is a pillow. It's a whisper, a star, it's saying I love you into your hand and then touching someone's ear. When the bell rings, I reach for an eraser but a girl snatches it from my hand.

The children received their earliest education, and Maria and Christina all of theirs, from their mother, who had been trained as a governess and was committed to cultivating intellectual excellence in her family.In temperament she was most like her brother Dante Gabriel: their father called the pair the “two storms” of the family in comparison to the “two calms,” Maria and William.Christina was given to tantrums and fractious behavior, and she fought hard to subdue this passionate temper.Years later, counseling a niece subject to similar outbursts, the mature Christina looked back on the fire now stifled: “You must not imagine, my dear girl, that your Aunt was always the calm and sedate person you now behold.I, too, had a very passionate temper; but I learnt to control it.

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Hisvoice was deep with a bright edge, the moan an old house might make if you tried to bend it in half.

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