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In this case, a series of text files need to be converted into database format.We want a tool that will re-convert any files that have been changed, we can use the make command. This file contains all the shared files by NIS server. If you plan to have NIS slave servers, you will need to tell the master Linux NIS server to push the resulting maps to the slave servers.The Linux NIS server (Network Information Service) is a server used for sharing critical data stored in flat files between systems on a network, it is often ideal to have a common repository (such as NIS) for storing user and group information that is traditionally stored in flat files like /etc/passwd. By making such files available via the NIS server, that would allow any remote NIS client machine to access or query the data in these shared files and use them as extensions to the local versions. Any tabular file which at least has one column with a unique value can be shared via NIS like /etc/services file.The main benefit from using NIS server is that you keep your data and files, and if your data is updated, all updates be propagated to all users.The option is called MERGE_GROUP: This tool will ask about the secondary NIS servers if you have any.These entries will be stored in the /var/yp/ypservers file.If you can't find it, grep for it in the file "/var/yp/Makefile".You should find the full path specified somewhere in there.

Keep in mind that the names used for NIS domain names MUST be different from your DNS domain names.

If the requested entry isn’t found there, check NIS server.

To work better with the Linux NIS server, there are some useful tools that can help you manage the information in the database.ypcat: This tool is used to get data from the NIS server by extracting it from NIS map.ypwhich: gets the name of the Linux NIS server that is responding to your requests.ypmatch: rather than grabbing the entire map, or you can search by key to get a specific entry.

The NIS is a database that contains a series of tables.

Each table is created from text files like /etc/passwd, /etc/services and any other tabular files.

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On new Linux distros that rely on systemd as the service manager, systemd will automatically take care of service intra-dependencies that exist between rpcbind and ypserv.

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