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Allison Steinberg, a 33-year-old Queens resident, has lived in that borough for most of her life. So when my family came over from various places—Europe, Russia—they incorporated, which allows them the opportunity to have holdings.

But that may not always be the case: Here, she shares her experience of growing up (and coming out) in NYC, along with the reason she may eventually need to say goodbye to her hometown. My family’s one of the oldest registered domestic not-for-profits. So they have essentially a bank account, and a membership.

Back when the Catskills were cool, the Dirty Dancing kind of days, we would go every summer to the annual family reunion.

There’s just this funny thread of backwoods Alabama in my New York City urban upbringing. I'm a product of New York City public school from kindergarten through grad school. I went to public school next to the only working farm in New York City.This was before it became completely gentrified, so all that there was were cobblestone streets and used condoms and hookers, frankly.We'd hang out on a Friday night and go down to the Christopher Street Pier on the West Side Highway, and it was this truly freeing, exhilarating space.More than anything, membership gets you a burial plot, so I have a burial plot. The group is everybody who’s a descendant of Zagorin.Zagorin is sort of the name, based on this allegedly mythical town in Russia. There might be hundreds of active members, but they probably only track the people who pay their membership fees and stuff. I did pose the question there about my parents, and nobody could help me.

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