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“Whereas women are less likely to hold back when it comes to writing about men (or criticizing them).”We mathematically traced the arcs of people’s love stories by plotting where in the essay certain words occur.The beginnings of columns feature characters (“boyfriend”, “husband”) and set the scene (“college,” “beauty school”).

The feature is currently only available in places where Facebook’s previously announced dating features have already been released, which include Colombia, Canada, Thailand, Argentina, and Mexico.A typical “Modern Love” column is no more representative of how the average person falls in love than Romeo and Juliet.Naturally, the stories that appear in the paper tend to be dramatic.That said, we’ve got to give Facebook some benefit of the doubt here.“All activity that occurs in FB Dating stays in FB Dating and will not be shared externally,” a Facebook spokesperson said in an email to about the new feature.

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Turns out the Last Chance Dance survey wasn’t automated.

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