Multiple users updating excel spreadsheet

Our staff can't read and they keep opening additional copies of the file!

I have read about sharing the file and I don't think that would make things any better.

Prevent multiple users accessing the same file at one time regardless of read only or not.

I have an excel file in a LAN drive that is shared by a couple departments. has restricted access to this folder to a handful of people who are intimate with this project. This project has live for a few months now, so there is no need for more than one person to be in the file at a time.

Hey guys, I have an excel file that is password protected. Is there any way to unlock it & do it modifiable when I already opened it as read only (of course without having to close it & re-open it and enter password lol) Thanks, I have a VBMacro Excel file loaded on a Server that numerous people access.

A Macro in this file creates a Copy of a specific Sheet within the Active Workbook and I want to Save it to the individual's Desktop.

Nothing incredibly fancy but it works fine on my computer.MS Access is not an option for me so I was wondering if you could help me do this in excel.thank you so much and would really appreciate to hear from anyone soon.We would like for the file to open for the first person.And then for any others after that, get a message that the file is in use WITHOUT the option to open a read-only copy.

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I've put an Excel spreadsheet onto my One Drive and have shared it out to some of my family members granting them edit privileges, who are all people I've added to my Office 365 account.

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